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Located in Ventnor, NJ - Near Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center is your holistic healing center and total health resource for individuals living in Ventnor, Margate, Longport, Northfield, Linwood and the surrounding South New Jersey Areas. Although we offer a wide variety of services and wellness products, each patient’s treatment is tailored to fit his or her specific needs.

The friendly, professional staff at Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center takes great pride in helping their patients overcome pain, achieve successful results, and live a happier, healthier life. We proudly offer chiropractic services, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition supplements, and diet information to anyone in the Ventnor, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ area.

Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center is also the home to one of the most luxurious organic day spas in the area. Whether you live in Atlantic City, or Ventnor, NJ, and are looking for a way to relax in a peaceful environment, or are visiting the Atlantic City Casino and need a spa day, Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center has just the remedy for you. Our natural, herbal remedies and massages will leave you feeling fresh and revitalized, ready to take on the day.

New patients will feel right at home, existing patients already feel like family. Don’t let another day go by without contacting Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center for all your massage, chiropractor and holistic healing needs to relieve your stress, fix your backaches, and have you living a happy, healthy life!

Release, Relax and Let it Go!

Release, Relax and Let it Go!

Stress Relief

As stress invades our daily lives, it is important to take time to improve your health with practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic services, and nutrition. All of which can be found at Atlantic Chiropractic Holistic Center. Our Chiropractic Center in Ventnor, NJ can help you address your stress and where it's coming from. We'll create a custom plan for your lifestyle and get you back to a better place! Call today to schedule at appointment with one of our specialists
(609) 822-1227.